Healthy and a unique taste

Shiny chocolate pearls made out of 100% ACTICOATM chocolate.

ACTICOATM chocolate pearls provide all the natural

benefits of the cocoa bean without the need for added extracts.


Chocolate pearls

The secret of chocolate unravelled

Recent studies revealed that cocoa beans contain a considerably larger amount of flavanols than red wine or other commonly known sources of antioxidants, such as green tea and grapes.

Polyphenols, an active substance in cocoa

The polyphenols found in cocoa belong to category of flavanols. These are powerful antioxidants protecting the body cells against the effect of free radicals. According to recent research, free radicals accelerate the ageing process and they are responsible for the degeneration of certain body functions like the ability to see and the nervous system.

A significant positive effect is measured as of 200mg cocoa flavanols.

There is an acute effect, with peak after 2 hours, and lasting for 6-8 hours.

Chocolate with cocoa flavanols help to support a healthy blood flow, plays a role in the cardiovascular system and support a nutrient delivery to the muscles.

Research indicates that 10 pearls a day of dark ACTICOA™ chocolate will have a positive effect on your health. To be consumed in a varied and balanced diet, as part of a healthy lifestyle.

EU authorized health claim:

Cocoa flavanols help maintain the elasticity of blood vessels which contributes to normal blood flow.